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Re: jIDach (KLBC)

Christiane Scharf wrote:

> jatlh QInteS:
> >jImISmoHHa''egh.
> suffix order: jImISHa''eghmoH

I saw a post on the newsgroup regarding something like this.  Is {mISmoH} a
root verb?  I thought it was.  Which is why my suffixes appear in the order
they do.  I wanted to say something that would roughly translate as "I
unconfused myself".  I "thought" I was only using two suffixes, a rover which
always follows the verb, and {-'egh} which would follow the rover.

> > jabbI'IDmeywIj tIbuSHa'.  yajHa'ghach 'oH.
> >
> >I figured it out.  Ignore my other posts.  It was a misunderstanding.  :)
> I didn't ignore them. This issue is trickier than it looks.

Oh no, I know you didn't.  I was saying please ignore them because I was
misunderstanding something.


> HovqIj
> -- temporary BG

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