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Re: New to list...Hi!

Rooster wrote:

>I am new to the list.

Hello Rooster. Welcome to the list. Our Beginners' Grammarian (BG), pagh, is
currently at the qep'a', the KLI's annual convention, so I'm fillling in.
Whenever you have questions or want your grammar checked, mark your posts
with KLBC and you'll get his attention (or mine, for this weekend).

> I will be getting the
>_The Klingon Dictionary_ A.S.A.P. but it is =
>not in yet and I have a simple beginer question.
>How to say:
>"Hi Connie"

This is a greeting. Klingon actually doesn't have any greetings like they
are used in English. The "politest" way of starting a conversation in
Klingon is just to begin speaking, without any greetings. When somebody is
walking up to you and seems to want something from you, you can ask
{nuqneH} - "whaddyawant?". Some people on this list tend to use {nuqneH} as
a greeting like "hello", but this is very un-klingon. We also have {SuH} and
{Su'}, both meaning "ready". They are used in some contexts to catch
someone's attention, but be careful. We have an example in the movies  ( in
ST I ): the captain says to the gunner: {SuH.......baH!} -

>and "Budweiser" in K.

Well, "Budweiser" is a proper name. How would you say this in French or
Swedish or any other language? It would still be "Budweiser". If your
Klingon texts contain proper names, I wouldn't recommend transcribing them
into the Klingon "alphabet". It's confusing since people usually think it's
a new word they haven't heard of yet. Just leave the English spelling and
mark it with asterisks: {*Budweiser* lutlhutlh} - "They drink Budweiser."

>Thanks much!
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-- temporary BG

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