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Re: jIDach (KLBC)

jatlh qa'ral:

>I am glad (carefully avoiding apostrophes) that you are (extremely) animate
>and have so far refrained from killing me.
>I would have answered in Klingon with a suitable replacement proverb and
>everything but my employers are having trouble with their mail server and I
>am temporarily limited to the Lotus Notes gateway with unavoidable MIME
>coding.  I think I will just keep my mouth shut until the situation
>qaral (even had to spell my own name wrong)

Come on, I didn't mean to scare or offend you. You needn't "keep your mouth
shut". I can read your messages. If you can't do anything against it, I'll
deal with it.
qay'be'. QIn yIqon! yIruch!

-- temporary BG

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