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Re: New to list...Hi!

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<< This is a greeting. Klingon actually doesn't have any greetings like they
 are used in English. The "politest" way of starting a conversation in
 Klingon is just to begin speaking, without any greetings. When somebody is
 walking up to you and seems to want something from you, you can ask
 {nuqneH} - "whaddyawant?". Some people on this list tend to use {nuqneH} as
 a greeting like "hello", but this is very un-klingon. We also have {SuH} and
 {Su'}, both meaning "ready". They are used in some contexts to catch
 someone's attention, but be careful. We have an example in the movies  ( in
 ST I ): the captain says to the gunner: {SuH.......baH!} -
 >and "Budweiser" in K.
 Well, "Budweiser" is a proper name. How would you say this in French or
 Swedish or any other language? It would still be "Budweiser". If your
 Klingon texts contain proper names, I wouldn't recommend transcribing them
 into the Klingon "alphabet". It's confusing since people usually think it's
 a new word they haven't heard of yet. Just leave the English spelling and
 mark it with asterisks: {*Budweiser* lutlhutlh} - "They drink Budweiser."
majQa', HovqIj.  batlh BG DagheS.


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