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This should be <nuqneH>. It is not a good idea to use ALL CAPS for emphasis
in Klingon - different cases can be entirely different symbols in Klingon.
<q> and <Q>, for example, are different letters.

> tIv wo'*union* jaj!
> <aiming for: Enjoy Empire Uninion Day!>

ghay'cha'. One of the audiotapes (Conversational Klingon, I think) describes
Empire Union Day, but I don't remember what the Klingon name was. I think it
was <wo' tay' jaj>, but I am not sure. Perhaps our canon master can help . .

In any case, you need to fix the grammar a bit. Klingon sentences go
object-verb-subject, and you also have to put the correct prefix on the
verb. In this case, the object is Empire Union Day (wo' tay' jaj), so that
has to go first. The verb, which you correctly have as <tIv>, needs to
follow the object. It also needs a prefix, and since this is a command, the
correct prefix is the imperative prefix <yI->:

wo' tay' jaj yItIv!

You could also rephrase this a bit into "May you enjoy Empire Union Day".
This is a pretty typical Klingon way of expressing this kind of sentiment.
This time the prefix needs to be <bo-> since the subject is "you" (plural),
and the object is an "it" (<wo' tay' jaj>).

wo' tay' jaj botIvjaj!

> -=QUAPLA'!=-

> <I hope that's spelled properly it has
> been ages since I've submitted>

> *activates the universal translater*
> Might somone sugest a nice free email place,
> the acount sysadmins are getting urked at
> the sheer amount of e-mail I'm getting from
> tlhingan-hol.

I get my Klingon mail at work, but I use hotmail ( as a
backup. I also know that Qov uses yahoo for mail.

Beginners' Grammarian

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