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Re: leng Hovmey joj: jav

Thorwald wrote:

: I need some help with the tlhIngan Hol in above mentioned movie.

Glad to.  I've transcribed most of the Hol in ST6 some time ago.  BTW, Marc Okrand has translated "Star Trek" as {Hov leng} - a noun-noun phrase, just as in English.

: although the dialog between the crew of the Morska listening post and
: that of the Enterprise is subtitled, I couldn't understand some terms,
: even with the KD handy.
: 		[snip]
: There was more (sort of) tlhIngan Hol text, but I have broken my TKD
: over these sentences. I have the federation standard, but lack the 
: exact written words in tlhIngan Hol.

Join the club.  We've learned that Morskans speak a dialect of Klingon that is particularly difficult to understand, with some odd grammatical differences from standard Klingon, or {ta' Hol} "the Emperor's Klingon".  Okrand goes into this in "Klingon for the Galactic Traveller", which I encourage you to buy if only for the new glossary of post-TKD vocabulary he includes.  

Here is what I have (I hope my formatting survives emailing):
: As far as my ears could pick up, this is what the SuvwI' tlhIngan said:

In the novelization - and maybe the script too? - he's named Kesla.

: [Morska keg, Duj vets u'nuq, rIn?]
: I can't find the "keg" part anywhere, and in the "vets u'nuq" part I can
: only distinguish "nuq"

Kesla: <morska jIH>  							 	            ("dialect"??)
		  (This is listening post Morska.)                  (subtitle)
		  [morski ge] 								              (what I heard)

Kesla: Dujvetlh 'oH nuq?  rIn. 
		  (What ship is that? ...over.)
		  <dujvetz oh nook? reen.>				        ("dialect" as heard)
		  [Dujvetlh 'oH nug? rIn.]                           (captions)
		  {"What ship is that? Identify yourselves."}    (novelization)

: <repeated several times, followed by clumsy Klingon from Uhura>

Uhura: tongDuj 'urISva' maH. jav Hogh maH Qo'noSvo'. rIn.    [sic!]
		  (We am thy freighter...Ursva... Six weeks out of...Kronos.
		  {According to the novel, she was speaking in an "odd,
		   archaic dialect."}

: [nuqDaq roS]
: "roS" (or something sounding alike) means nothing to me
Kesla: nuqDaq ghoS?  rIn.
		  (What is your destination? Over.)
		  <nookdak gros? reen.>				  	        ("dialect" as heard)
		  [nugDaq ghoS? rIn.]                                (captions)
		  {"Whither are you bound?" (responding in the same dialect).}

Uhura: rura' penteDaq Soj Doch <yuS> vIqIch. rIn            [sic!]
		  (Rura Penthe. We is condemning food...things and supplies.
		  [rura penteDag...]                                (captions)
		  (She meant vIHIj "I'm delivering.")
		  {We is condemning food...things to Rura Penthe.
		   Over.}                                        (novelization)

: [o'me such Ho']
: here, "such" could be "Such". The rest is verengan Hol for all I know.

Kesla: ghewmey SuqQo'             		       (clipped or dialect?)
		  (Don't catch any bugs!)
		  {i.e. "Good luck in avoiding border officials!" 
			(This is smuggler's code according to the novel.)}
: (the whole dialog on my screen in tlhIngan Hol would be nice, too.)):-]

If your television set can display the Closed Captions for the hearing impaired, turn them on.  Occasionally bits of tlhIngan Hol show up in the captions - particularly if the line wasn't subtitled in English.  Unfortunately, they weren't consistant about this, but some background chatter has made its way into the captions.  Sometimes the Klingon is even spelled correctly!

: Any transcription of tlhIngan-Hol from the films is welcome, by the way!

I've transcribed the other films, but you should really do it yourself.  It is good practice learning the grammar and it trains your ears for listening to actors.  BTW, Kruge in ST3 and Klaa in ST5 have the best pronunciation of any of the actors so you should have relatively little difficulty in figuring out what they're saying.  When you've finished, post what you have hear and I'll compare it with my own transcript.


Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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