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KLBC: 'e' x-lu'??

I marked this with KLBC, since it seemed to be appropriate for my
question, but I also appreciate comments from others.

Going through TKW I realized the two sentences

yInlu'taH 'e' bajnISlu'


yay chavlu' 'e' bajnISlu'

I suppose this has been discused before, but why did MO use <'e'
bajnISlu'> and not the expected form <net bajnIS> in these examples?
Maybe the reason is that he wanted to parallel the <-lu'> from the first
part of the sentence?

Thinking about this, is the use of <'e' x-lu'> under normal
circumstances (i.e. not in a proverb) wrong or just uncommon?

* HovqIj

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