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KLBC: Two things....

      First thing I want to know if this translation is correct.....

qechmeylI' vISovmoH

What I want to get across here is ~let me know your thoughts~ now I'm
not sure as to how to translate ~thoughts~.... but I figured ~your many
ideas~ was the closest thing unless you guys know better.... which I'm
sure you do.... but more importantly how wold I convey the idea of
random ideas?? could I just tag the type three suffix -Hey on the end of it
to make it seem less defined? as an idea I mean.... or would you just not
bother with trying to make it so vague?

my second question is has anyone heard of a tlhIngan technical manual?
or even if there are transations for tech talk that goes on in the trek
universe? if so I'd really like to know.... my favorite thing, aside of
learning to speak tlhIngan is reading up on the technology I've been dying
for someone to put out a tech read out on a vor'cha or a bird of prey.
thanks guys!

Da'Qan   tlhInganpu' ghojwI'

Hey I just thought of something else.... in Noun - Noun construction is it
possible to get a situation of N1 - N2 - N3?? or would you translate that
differently as a sentence?? for example....
I want to say ~Student of klignon language~

would there be a  N1 - N2 - N3 possibility??

      tlhIngan Hol ghojwI'

 or would it be something like:

       tlhIngan Hol  jIH ghojwI''e'

     I gathered this from section 6.3 of TKD but I don't think I understand it
right... could you give me a hand here as well?? thanks

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