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Re: Klingon in the News

: mujang peHrus:
: >malja' is the business which gets transacted {Huq}.
: References, please?  {malja'} has been used in various ways by various
: people on the list, but it appears only twice in my notes regarding 
: "official" usage:

That seems to be my cue, loathe as I am to jump into a *{qul noH} (flame war):

	batlh malja' DaHuq. 
	You transact business honorably. PK
:   TKD: {malja'} (noun) "business"
:   Skybox cards:  {malja' per} referring to trademarked phrases.
: Neither of these settles the question of whether {malja'} refers to 
: the entity which transacts, the thing which is transacted, or even 
: just the concept of transaction.  Since I don't have an authoritative 
: explanation of what it means, I'll try to be flexible and accept it 
: however context suggests it should be taken.
	Paramount Pictures malja' permey bIH Star Trek pong'e' 
		Deghmey'e' je 
	"Star Trek" and related marks are trademarks of Paramount
		Pictures.  (SkyBox Copyright)

	malja' permey 
	Trademarks  (ST:Communicator 104 [1995], Special Klingon Issue)

: [The same goes for {chuQun} "nobility".  Is it people, or is it a
: quality?  While Hamlet's translators chose the "aristocracy" meaning, 
: I think the "dignity" interpretation makes more sense based on the use
: of terms in the old Star Trek episodes that make up the context for a
: lot of the vocabulary.  But I understand the usage in Hamlet without 
: complaint.]

Well, we know from TNG on that the Klingons definitely do have some kind of aristocracy,  nobility, ruling caste, etc.:  the Great Houses, the leaders of which sit on the High Council.  We've also seen that these seats (or some of them) are considered to be hereditary, at least by the Houses of Duras and Mogh.  

Even back in ST3, Kruge is addressed as {joH} "Lord" and {jawwI'/joHwI'} "my Lord".  Clearly the writers had something more in mind for him than just simple military protocol, as he's also called "sir" {qaH} in the film.  Interestingly, Kruge is never called "captain" {HoD}; that term is used for Klaa in ST5 who, in turn, is never called {joH} by his crew.  (Either he's too young, or his House is of no particular importance.)  The Duras sisters, however, are each addressed as {joHwI} in ST8 "Generations".  

Hmm... is Gen. Martok ever called "lord" in DS9?  We know that although he personally is honored for his military career, his family is a very low-ranking one from a insignificant rural region, so much so that his application for the Klingon military academy (whatever it was called) was turned down by the aristocrat Kor.

As to whether all this is what the Klingons - let alone Okrand - mean by {chuQun} is still unknown as the word has never been used in canon.
: -- ghunchu'wI'

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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