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Re: Klingon in the News

mujang peHrus:
><<  {maqwI' ghom} for
> "broadcast corporation" is so far from obvious that I can't begin to
> fathom why you'd even have tried it.  >>
>I would have to totally disagree with your selection of maqwI' malja'. 

Would it be too much for me to ask that you read what I write before
totally disagreeing with it?  {maqwI'} was *your* word, not mine, and
I noted *twice* that I didn't understand why you chose it.

>malja' is the business which gets transacted {Huq}.

References, please?  {malja'} has been used in various ways by various
people on the list, but it appears only twice in my notes regarding 
"official" usage:

  TKD: {malja'} (noun) "business"
  Skybox cards:  {malja' per} referring to trademarked phrases.

Neither of these settles the question of whether {malja'} refers to 
the entity which transacts, the thing which is transacted, or even 
just the concept of transaction.  Since I don't have an authoritative 
explanation of what it means, I'll try to be flexible and accept it 
however context suggests it should be taken.

[The same goes for {chuQun} "nobility".  Is it people, or is it a
quality?  While Hamlet's translators chose the "aristocracy" meaning, 
I think the "dignity" interpretation makes more sense based on the use
of terms in the old Star Trek episodes that make up the context for a
lot of the vocabulary.  But I understand the usage in Hamlet without 

-- ghunchu'wI'

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