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Re: Re: Transitive / Intransitive

ghItlh 'oghwI':
>Sorry, I just picked words out from TKD at random to make an example.  But
>my tlhIngan Hol is not very good.

No need to apologize, you are a  beginner. ;-) You learn by making mistakes,
like each of us! Everyone started like you. Beside of that, Klingons don't
apologize :-)

yIQoSQo'. taghwI' SoH. bIQaghtaHvIS bIghoj. Qagh Hoch, pup pagh. (Now I know
why our BG has chosen that name :-) tlhIjbe' tlhInganpu'.

batlh tlhIngan Hol Daghojjaj!


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