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qepHom in central Europe!


   I know there are some germans around here. Could somebody of you
translate the suggested press release from our qepHom coordinator (to be
found at into german for
me please. I do live in Germany, but I don't speak german well enough to
make something accaptable of it. :-)

Next point:

   I am planning to host a qepHom in the center of Europe! So wether you
live in Luxemburg, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, or in Germany: You are
welcome to pass by (for long distanced people: you can sleep here). I can
teach you in Dutch, French, English, and German.
   The location is Volklingen (nice name for a "Klingon"ist :-) It is
located in the southwest of Germany, in the Saarland, next to the french
border, 80 km from Luxemburg city, 450 from Paris. It can be attended by
Highway, airplane (Saarbrucken) and train (Volklingen).
   The qepHom would take place on every second saturday of the month, next
(the first) will be on February 13th.

    Anyone interested?? Contact me:
    Phone: +49-6898-23154

batlh tlhIngan Hol Daghojjaj

Quvar muHwI'
(Lieven L. Litaer)

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