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RE: Re: Transitive / Intransitive

> ghItlh peHruS:
> >Next, you are correct with {jIHob}.  You are "yawning something."
> >But, {'e' neH jIH} should be {'e' vIneH}.  {'e'} is the object of {neH},
> and
> >you are saying "I want that" so you need the verb prefix {vI-}.  You can
> >append {jIH} but it is not necessary and is redundant unless you
> >are really trying to emphasize, "I, that's right I, want to."
> {neH} doesn't use {'e'}: {jIHob vIneH (jIH)}
> Or is there a new rule I don't know of yet?

Sorry, I just picked words out from TKD at random to make an example.  But
my tlhIngan Hol is not very good.
> pab chu' vISovbe'bogh tu'lu''a'?
> muHwI'


HovpoH 99073.47
(yep that's a ZERO after the wilk)

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