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Re: RE: KLBC: capitals in the writing system

ja' Dawut:
>Can I say "Klinguists" and get away with it?

You can say it, but expect people to groan when they hear it. :-P

>I have also wondered about
>my use of the word "Klingonism." Perhaps I should mark them with an
>asterisk as is done with tlhIngan Hol?

I would expect the word "Klingonism" to refer to an English phrase
that has its grammar twisted by Klingon influence.  Something like
"I gave the knife for the officer."

ja' Quvar muHwI':
>I prefer "Klingonist".

As do I, though I intend it to mean someone who studies the Klingon
language or culture or martial arts or etc.  One of my common email
sigs lists me as a "professional programmer and amateur Klingonist".

>What is "Klingonism" supposed to be? Sounds too much
>like a sect... What about "Klingdom"?

I think there's an existing term "Klindom" that refers to the large
collection of Klingon fans of all sorts.  "Klin", according to John
Ford's novel "The Final Reflection", is the embodiment of the warrior
principle; it's probably what we would call {batlh} "honor".

-- ghunchu'wI'

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