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>> 'oghwI' 'oH pongwIj'e'
>I am probably missing the point compleatly, as I don't see the purpose of
>Are you saying that we use 'oH as the verb?  If so why are we using 'oH,
>why not a different pronoun?  Or is 'oH working as if it is "it (is)", that
>would make sense.

Which other pronoun would you suggest?
A name is not a he or a they or me or you.
As you already answered... the 'oH is the it in the sentance.

loDnI'wI' ghaH HoD'e'
The captain is my brother.

The captain is not an "it" (don't tell him that anyways).  So in this case
the pronoun ghaH is acting as the verb.


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