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KLBC: *London*Daq lengwIj

pagh, Qaghmey tIlughmoH!


<*London*Daq lengwIj>

wa'Hu' *London* vISuch.
veng'a' 'oH 'e' Har Humanpu' 'a {veng wa'DIch} tIn law' *London* tIn
Dochmey vIlegh 'e' vIQIj.

vergh vIghoSmeH lupDujHomwIj vIpuv.
muyu' 'avwI'. rInDI' ghIghDaj, jItaHlaH.
veng botlhDaq lupDujHomwIj vIpuv vIneH,  'a tuchchu' 'avwI'. [??]
*London*Daq, langmo' Hemey naw', mayItnIS pagh lupDujHomHom wIghajnIS
pagh raQpo' Dujmey wItIjnIS.
jIbelHa'qu', 'a muQeHmoHbe'.

lupDujHomwIj vIngaQmoH. veng botlhDaq jIjaHmeH, raQpo' Duj vItIj.
muropmoH leng. 
'ach Humanpu' puj yIvmoH leng.


* I've included my literal translations, and, in some cases, what they
were recast 'from'. *

My Visit to London.

Yesterday, I visited London.

Humans believe it is a big city, but the First City is bigger than

I'll explain the things I saw.

In order for me to approach the dock, I flew my shuttlecraft.
(recast of: I arrived at the dock in my shuttlecraft.)

The guard interrogated me. As soon as he had completed his task, I was
able to continue.
(recast of: The guard questioned me, then he let me continue.)

I wanted to fly my shuttlecraft in the city center, but the guard
clearly forbade it.

In London, because the access routes are so thin, we must walk or we
must possess a small-shuttle or we must board transport vessels.
(recast of: In London, because the streets are so narrow, we must either
walk, possess a mini-shuttle, or use public transport craft.)

I was most displeased, but it did not cause me to be angry.

I caused my craft to be locked. In order to be in the City Center, I
boarded a transport vessel.
(recast of: I secured my craft, and boarded a transport craft for the
city centre.)

The voyage caused me to be sick.
(recast of: The ride was most uncomfortable. <g>)

I really enjoyed it. 

However the voyage caused the weak humans to be annoyed.
(recast of: However, the weak humans were very irritated about it.)


-- qonwI'
Matt Johnson <>

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