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Re: RE: KLBC: capitals in the writing system

ghItlh Dawut:
>I noticed this while catching up, so here's my belated two cents.

maHvaD Huch nob neH'a'?

>letters/words (though the fans and Klinguists disagree and have
>established unofficial associations for {pIqaD});
As you can see on my homepage :-)

>A middle ground would be to include the as-of-yet unofficial {pIqaD}
>amidst unassociated symbols, which would both act as separators for the
>{pIqaD} words while still being unreadable at a glance.
The letters on the gauntlets you can see everywhere mean {brchD}.
But of course we can even explain THAT: It's an abbreviation of something

>Can I say "Klinguists" and get away with it? I have also wondered about
>my use of the word "Klingonism." Perhaps I should mark them with an
>asterisk as is done with tlhIngan Hol?
I prefer "Klingonist". What is "Klingonism" supposed to be? Sounds too much
like a sect... What about "Klingdom"?

  Quvar muHwI'

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