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KLBC: Two IFs on one THEN?


Clipped Question:
Can I put two IFs on one THEN if I use an AND?

Full Question:
I was corresponding with the crew of the {Qo'noS qa'} when I wrote the 
following sentence:

bIvchugh targh, 'ej bobcho' SumchoHchugh targh, vaj bIt tera'ngan.
If the targ breaks the rules and gets near the module, then the Terran 
will be nervous.

That led me to wonder if it is ungrammatical to attach two IF statements 
{-chugh} onto one THEN statement {vaj}, as in:

If A _and_ If B, then C (or) 1-chugh 'ej 2-chugh vaj 3

Corrections and Comments welcome.

Dawut (David)

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