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jatlh Ian Wilkinson:

> I am probably missing the point compleatly, as I don't see the
> purpose of 'oH Are you saying that we use 'oH as the verb? If so
> why are we using 'oH, why not a different pronoun? Or is 'oH
> working as if it is "it (is)", that would make sense.

In this kind of sentence, the pronoun acts as the verb. Since the English
was "it is", the Klingon used the pronoun <'oH>.

> On a different subject, what are the "Skybox Cards"? and where
> can I get them.

The "Skybox Cards" are a series of trading cards for which Marc Okrand
provided the Klingon text. I don't know where you can get them, but I'm sure
someone else on the list does....

Beginners' Grammarian

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