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Re: RE: KLBC: capitals in the writing system

ghItlh ghunchu'wI'

>This works until you try to read a sentence about your sincere neighbors
>transmitting you all your useful minerals:
>tlhIllIj lI' lIlI'lI' jIllI' 'Il


>It's amazing how quickly something like {qaStaH} goes from looking weird
>to looking perfectly normal, while *{qastah} looks...foreign. :-)
   When I see your *qastah*, then I _read_ *qastah*. These latin letters
Okrand uses represent sounds he has given them. He could also have said "I"
is pronounced "P" and "A" is pronounced "R", but that would not have made
much sense :-)
   He used the letters that are almost the same as in english, and for the
other ones he used "special" letters. {H} is prounounced... well, just {H}.
And {h} is prounounced like english H. Capital {S} is s-sh, and lower case
{s} is - again - like english S.
   (I am pretty much familiar with the Morska dialect.)

Huvar muwI'
-=muwI' jIbe' 'a muwI' 'o pongwIj=-

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