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OSS tlhIngan Hol pojwI'

I'm releasing a version of d'Armond's pojwI' in open source format,
available at the URLs below.  (I've uploaded it to the KLI archive, too,
so maybe it will show up there some day).  Binary copies as well and
source versions are included in the distributions. 

The program has been compiled under Cygnus gcc, Irix, Linux, djgpp gcc,
and Solaris, so chances are it will compile under most everything you try
it on.  I'll maybe be doing an Amiga version sometime soon.  (Please note
that since I created these archives in a Windows environment, the text
files have the ^M^J end-of-line, which you'll need to clean up on a Unix
or Linux box.) 

   OSS tlhIngan Hol pojwI'
 the Klingon language Analyzer - updated for open source distribution

	* What is this?

   Linkname: OSS pojwI' for DOS (includes source code)

   Linkname: OSS pojwI' for Windows 95 (includes source code)
   Linkname: OSS pojwI' Source code only

This edition of d'Armond Speer's excellent program includes minor modification
which provide for three specific enhancements from the original DOS release:

      1) command line input (first developed for Unix machines to 
	 use pojwI' to be connected to web pages)

      2) moving the lexicon to an external text file and offering the 
	 ability to add words to the vocabulary.

      3) reducing the vocabulary from the complete published tlhIngan
	 Hol  lexicon to less than 10% of the tlhIngan Hol lexicon. 

    If you have the Windows distribution,, you will have a
    binary copy, kj.exe, that may be run, as long as it can find the
    cygwin1.dll file included in the .zip archive.

readme.txt - this file
osspoj.exe - DOS binary; works with win 3.1, win95, NT

 note: osspoj.exe works standalone, thanks to:
   PMODE 3.07 is Copyright (c) 1994, by Tran (a.k.a. Thomas Pytel).
   PMODE/DJ modifications are Copyright (c) 1996, by Matthias Grimrath.
   PMSTUB.ASM is Copyright (c) 1995, by DJ Delorie, distributed with permission.

kj.exe     - Win9x/NT binary, requires cygwin1.dll
kli.lex    - lexicon file required
vocab.txt  - Lexicon included in binary + kli.lex file
cygwin1.dll- needed for the kj.exe binary

kj3-3.c    - SOURCE - these files required to build kj.exe
kj3-3.h    - SOURCE
affix.h    - SOURCE
lexicon.h  - SOURCE
makefile   - SOURCE

   joel anderson * *
 **mIghghachvo' yImej 'ej yIQaQ; roj yInej 'ej Dochvam yItlha'**
     **Depart from evil, and do good; Seek peace, and pursue it**

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