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jatlh 'oghwI':

> I presume that an inventor would be 'oghwI'.


> I have read the FAQ on names and every thing else on names 
> that I have seen. And if my presumption is correct then I 
> would like to adopt it as my name. If noone else is using it. 
> I tend to invent things, particularly when I should be doing 
> something else....  So I think it would appropriate.

ponglIj DawIvlaH SoH neH.

> 'oghwI' pongwIj	
> My name is 'oghwI' (I am unsure of the word order.  TKD said N1-N2 
> could be N1's N2 so this should be ok.  Do I need a 'e' on anything? 
> I am not sure what to put it on if I do need one.)

This doesn't quite work - you're trying to write a sentence, so you need a
verb. The way we do forms of "to be" - like "(something) is (something
else)" - in Klingon is with pronouns. It's a bit strange (for English
speakers, anyway), but that's the way it works. Examples:

tera'ngan jIH. - I am a Terran.
tlhIngan SoH'a'? - Are you a Klingon?

When there's something after the pronoun, it gets the suffix <'e'>. So if
you want to say "My name is <'oghwI'>", it's:

'oghwI' 'oH pongwIj'e'

> Ian Wilkinson pongwIj'e' tera'ngan

Same deal here:

Ian Wilkinson 'oH tera'ngan pongwIj'e'

> My teran name is Ian Wilkinson. Well I think that is 
> *Compleatly* incorrect but I am not sure how else to
> do it. Can I join the nouns together? Ian Wilkinson 
> pongwIjtera'ngan. maybe not, that does not look right.

You're right - it doesn't look right. Your earlier try was not too far off,

> I think I will reread TKD.

For this sort of thing, reread 6.3 on page 67.

> could I say
> SuvwI' jIH.

You could certainly say it, but it's your actions that prove whether it's

Beginners' Grammarian

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