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Re: KLBC: HovqIj jun Hov wov

ja' jey'el:

> ghunchu'wI'vaD jangtaHvIS HovqIj, jatlh:
> >  > -- any transitive verb
> >  > can be used with an unstated object, like {Sop} or {laD}.  The bottom
> >  > of TKD page 33 talks about this sort of usage.
> >
> >  I've heard "He's eating" or "I'm reading" and similar sentences, but I've
> >  never heard "It's displaying". Maybe it's just because my ears aren't used
> >  to it, but it still sounds strange.
> >
> lo'vetlh rur jonwI' lo'.  QapHa'chugh HaSta, wa' jonwI'vaD jatlhlaH latlh
> jonwI':
> QaQ De' luje'bogh tlheghmey Dotlh.  'eltaH De' law'.
> 'ach cha'taHbe'qu' janvam 'Igh!!
> Engineers talk like that.  If the visual display is malfunctioning, one
> engineer may say to another:  The data feed lines are in good condition.
> Plenty of data is getting in.  But this accursed device isn't displaying at
> all !!

Daj. <_vay'_ cha'be'taH> <pagh cha'taH> ghap jatlh nuv 'e' vIpIH. 
not pagh DaghojlaH.   or, of course:   reH bIghojlaH...  ;)   (I have no
problem with this one, but I like the sound of the double negative


> --jey'el

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