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Re: KLBC: HovqIj jun Hov wov

ghunchu'wI'vaD jangtaHvIS HovqIj, jatlh:

>  > -- any transitive verb
>  > can be used with an unstated object, like {Sop} or {laD}.  The bottom
>  > of TKD page 33 talks about this sort of usage.
>  I've heard "He's eating" or "I'm reading" and similar sentences, but I've
>  never heard "It's displaying". Maybe it's just because my ears aren't used 
>  to it, but it still sounds strange.
lo'vetlh rur jonwI' lo'.  QapHa'chugh HaSta, wa' jonwI'vaD jatlhlaH latlh
QaQ De' luje'bogh tlheghmey Dotlh.  'eltaH De' law'.  
'ach cha'taHbe'qu' janvam 'Igh!!

Engineers talk like that.  If the visual display is malfunctioning, one
engineer may say to another:  The data feed lines are in good condition.
Plenty of data is getting in.  But this accursed device isn't displaying at
all !!


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