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Re: KLBC: HovqIj jun Hov wov

ja' HovqIj:
> It seems that both definitions "get out" and "take out" are transitive. I did
> n't
> consider that "get out" might be transitive. I only knew the intransitive for
> m.
> yapbe'ba' DIvI' Hol SovwIj.
you're not alone. the translator of the German dictionary translated
"get out" in the sense it has in "get out of here" just like you.
He also translated the "take out" meaning for {lel} in the sense it has
in "take out the paper and the trash" (or you won't get no spending cash..)
[humming fades]

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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