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Re: KLBC: HovqIj jun Hov wov

>> >QaplaHlaw' pongmey law', 'ach QaplaHchu' pagh (0) pong. *picture*
>> >Delbogh mu''e' nunobchugh MO jIQuchqu'.
>> We *do* have a word for "picture" -- but it's a verb: {cha'}.
><cha'> is useful in many cases, but not in all cases. I've used it
>myself in my original post to describe "pictures"/"photos". Anyway, it
>wasn't useful when I had to find a word I could use for "camera". If we
>had a word for "picture" I would have said something like <"picture"
>lIngwI'> or <"picture" lIngmeH jan> etc. Yet we don't have a noun for
>"picture". So I had to give a rather long description of a camera first
>before I could find a name for "camera". I used <DoS taDmoHwI'> but I
>could also have used <qolotlh> and it would have been understood. (Just
>think of the car "Christine"...)

HaSta - visual display (n)

( not the same as jIH - view screen (n) )

It might work for some things... 
A device that produces visual displays is quite vague. (context)

I used HaSta when writing about the new BoP poster.


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