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Re: My old neighbor

mujang peHruS:
>> Voragh's {poH nI' jupwI'} has a parallel in {lo' law' lojmIt}
>mumISmoH mIwvam

nap mIwvam.  It's a straightforward noun-noun construction.
"My long time friend" or "my friend of a long time" seems perfect.
Okrand used {lo' law' vay'} twice on the Bird of Prey poster; I
suggest you get past your confusion and accept the usage.

>qaq mu'tlhegh 'ay' {qaStaHvIS poH nI'} 'e' vIHar

mISmoHbe', 'ach qarbej'a'?  How would you use this fragment in a
sentence when you're talking about an "old neighbor"?

>'ach {voragh jang charghwI'} ghItlhlu'chu'be' 'e' vIHar

vIghItlhchu'qu'ta'.  chaq lughbejbe' pab, 'ach vIghItlhtaHvIS jIghIHbe'.
DaghItlhHa'bejpu' SoH.  Voragh has a capital V. :-)

>jIQub lugh {voraghvaD jang charghwI'}

chaq lugh, 'ach qechvamvaD qarqu' {-vaD} 'e' vISovbe'.  If {jang}
works like {tlhob} and other verbs of saying, then its object can
reasonably be the person being answered.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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