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Re: What is a Stardate?


stardate (noun) HovpoH [KGT p216]

The Star Trek Encyclopedia CD-ROM defines "stardate" thusly:

Timekeeping system used to provide a standard galactic temporal 
reference, compensating for relativistic time dilation, warp-speed 
displacement, and other peculiarities of interstellar space travel.
To those interested in the minutiae of stardate computation and a lot of 
other cool stuff about Star Trek, we shamelessly refer you to Appendix I 
in the 1996 edition of our book, Star Trek Chronology: The History of 
the Future, by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda, also published by Pocket 

Note: the text contained within the asterisks (*) originally appears as 
italicized text denoting non-fictional comments from the Okudas 
regarding the production of the series and films.

The fact that the book, Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, includes a 
Klingon word for 'stardate' proves that this concept in general is not 
exclusive to the Federation, although there is little evidence that 
Klingons use the same temporal reference (similar to the difference in 
chronological measurements between the American nation and the Chinese 
nation or other nations which use calendar systems other than our own).

Dawut (David)

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