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Re: Verbs with Prepositional Results

: ja' peHruS:
: >Many Klingon verbs either do include a prepositional concept or may include
: >prepositional concept.
: More precisely, many Klingon verbs express ideas that are rendered in
: English using a preposition.  There's nothing inherently "prepositional"
: about the word {buS}, for example, but its translation of "focus on" has
: a preposition because there is no single word in English for it.

This is true of all languages.  For example, Latin *spectare* can be
into English with a preposition (look at) or without (observe).  In fact,
English relies so much on its prepositions and other auxiliary verbs and
adverbs that there likely are as many single foreign verbs that are Englished
as a "verb with prepositional results" as not.  This is properly a feature of
English grammar, not Klingon.
: >Examples: ... lan put [down];
: Where have you seen it used that way?  It means "place" as in to put
: something in a location.  {roQ} carries the "put down" meaning.

My cue, I guess...

{lan}  "place, put" (v.)
 - nuqDaq Dochvam vIlan?
    What do I do with this? ("Where do I put this?")  TKD
 - HurDaq tu'HomI'raHvetlh yIlan! 
    Get that piece of junk out of here!  KCD

: >roQ put down; let go [of].
: Where is "let go [of]" from?  I only know "put down" from TKD, and I
: can't find it having been used anywhere by Okrand.

{roQ}  "put down" (v.) 
 - No attestations in canon. 
    Cf. {jotlh} "take down" & {chagh} "pick up"; ant. {woH} "drop".
: -- ghunchu'wI'

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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