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Re: Noun suffixes, type 5

In a message dated 1/6/1999 3:16:08 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< I think it is exactly as "forced" to say you use wood to make a 
 table. Do you use it the same way you use a hammer and a saw to 
 make a table? This is very different from saying, "I hit the 
 officer with my sword." There, the use of {lo'} makes more 
 indesputable sense to me, but to say that you "use" wood to make 
 a table does not imply to me that the table is made of wood. For 
 that, it makes more sense to say that the tables matter is a 
 tree's matter, or to say that it is made FROM wood. You removed 
 material FROM the tree to make the table. Removing matter from 
 the tree was one of the steps in making the table >>


I would definitely use a hammer to make the table.  raS vIchenmoHmeH mupwI'

I do see what you are driving at.  You think that because the wood is taken
from (physically moving the wood from one location to another) the tree that
{-vo'} is acceptable.  I still cannot feel that this is quite correct.

More later,


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