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RE: Putting on Hamlet in April

David Trimboli ( wrote

>Greetings. I've been contacted by a person involved with the I-Con
>convention in Stonybrook, New York who has asked about the 
>possibilities of performing selected scenes of "Hamlet, Prince of 
>Denmark: the Restored Klingon Version: at the convention in April.

The vast majority are surely not going to want to sit through a four
hour play, even if you could put it on. For most of the convention
attendees, this will be a gimmick with a single shot to it. As such, I'd
recommend the following:

1) Pick a single scene, ideally one that many people are familiar with.
That's what we did for a past qep'a' when several people performed the
final scene of the play. It has several advantages (or disadvantages,
depending on the number and skill level of your players) over a scene
such as the famous soliloquoy. First, there are multiple parts, and some
clever conversation, so people can hear Klingon as a spoken language.
Second, it has lots of action, which will help keep people's attention.
Third, you the sword fight maps nicely to using Klingon betleHmey, which
I guarantee will make people smile.

2) Regardless of what scene you do, have someone come out at the
beginning and present a summary of the scene in English. This is sort of
like reading the libretto before going to see Die Valkyrie. It will
allow people to enjoy the sound of the language, and to follow some of
the more subtle nuances, if they've already got a general idea of what's
going to happen, when and to whom.

I-CON is a very intense convention, I've been a guest there in the past.
I keep hoping they'll invite me back, but they don't seem to have the
budget for it any more.


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