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RE: Putting on Hamlet in April

>2) Regardless of what scene you do, have someone come out at the
>beginning and present a summary of the scene in English. This is sort of
>like reading the libretto before going to see Die Valkyrie. It will
>allow people to enjoy the sound of the language, and to follow some of
>the more subtle nuances, if they've already got a general idea of what's
>going to happen, when and to whom.

If the scene is short enough (and you can obtain the permission), you could
put out excerpts (or the scene) on a sheet of paper to get people to follow
along, so they know what is acted out when etc.  Just to inspire the crowd
to "wow, it's actually used, it's real, blah blah" (and the ever helpful
URLs for the KLI on the back)...

BTW, see if you can make a video of it, some of us would like to watch it
(and can't attend [April is exam time }}:-( ])

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