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Re: Putting on Hamlet in April

In a message dated 1/4/1999 2:28:05 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< First, I'd forget about sets or anything except costumes and hand props.
 All you need is a bare stage with proper lighting.  Second, I'd skip
 involved scenes with lots of people or those which are integral to
 the plot.  This way, you can keep the cast list down. Pick a couple of
 scenes that will be recognizable even in Klingon; the graveyard scene at the
 beginning, the Soliloquy and the scene where Hamlet mocks Ophelia (with the
 "Get thee to a nunnery" line) come to mind.  Third, provide a program with
 the Klingon and English in facing columns, so people can follow along.
 Finally, pick scenes with lots of intrinsic interest, so people's attention
 doesn't waver (Hamlet should really "ham" it up in the Soliloquy, Ophelia
 can chew the scenery, maybe you could include the sword fight at the end if
 your actors are up to it), and keep it short (probably 20 minutes tops.) >>

SuStelvaD jIghItlh je jIH

DungDaq qeS QaQqu' tu'lu'     jIQochbe'chu'
jIData' je jIH 'ach wej qeSmeyvam vIbuS
Dunqu' bIH     valqu' ter'eS


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