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Re: Word Order (KLBC)

ghItlh  William H. Martin:

>Just adding to an excellent explanation:

>> <jIH> is a pronoun meaning "I/me", and <vI-> is the verb prefix for a first
>> person singular (I/me) subject and a third person singular (he/she/it)
>> object. Perhaps because the information is built into the verb prefix,
>> pronouns are almost always optional in Klingon, and don't get used very
>> much, so the second choice <puq vIqIp> would be heard much more often than
>> the first.
>It is so common to omit the pronoun {jIH} here that the natural
>interpretation for instances when it does appear is to emphasize 
>the pronoun. In other words, if I was just telling you what I 
>did, I'd say {puq vIqIp}, but if you just accused my friend of 
>hitting the child and I was correcting you, emphasizing that it 
>was me and not my friend who did it, I'd say, {puq vIqIp jIH.} 
>It is similar to, in English, saying, "It was ME who hit the 
>> pagh
>> Beginners' Grammarian
>charghwI' 'utlh

    Just a question here.  I would say: {puq vIqIp jIH'e'}
in order to say that was ME and merely ME (nobody else) who hit
the boy. qar'a'.


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