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Re: Word Order (KLBC)

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999 08:18:01 -0800 (PST) Eduardo Fonseca 
<> wrote:

>     Just a question here.  I would say: {puq vIqIp jIH'e'}
> in order to say that was ME and merely ME (nobody else) who hit
> the boy. qar'a'.
> Edy

That's probably overdoing it. Drop the {-'e'} and you get the 
effect you want. The reference to this useage is easy to miss. 
TKD page 52: "Pronouns can be used as nouns, but only for 
emphasis or added clarity." In {puq vIqIp jIH}, the {jIH} 
doesn't add any clarity because it was already obvious that the 
subject was {jIH}, so it can only serve to emphasize the 
subject. Basically, I offer the following increasing emphasis on 
the subject:

puq vIqIp.
puq vIqIp jIH.
puq vIqIp jIH'e'!
puq vIqIp jIH'e' jay'!

charghwI' 'utlh

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