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Re: RE: KLBC : revised bang bom mu'

[tIqwIjvaD qaDuQmoH - "I cause my heart to stab you"]

ja' charghwI':
>But your alternate interpretation has no prior example
>justifying it that I know of. You seem to be ignoring the {-vaD}
>and pretending like the {qa-} is an example of the prefix
>shortcut so that the implied object "you" is an indirect object.
>That would give you two indirect objects and no direct object.

Does there have to be a specific prior example of something that is
explained by the description of grammar in TKD?  If the verb were
something intransitive like {qet} or {Dugh}, the *only* reasonable
interpretation is "I cause you to [do something] for my heart".  Or
would you also consider that to be an example of multiple indirect

One of the reasons I think {ghaHvaD quHDaj qawmoH} works as clearly as
it does is that "heritage" can't really remember something, so there's
no reason to consider the alternate (and older) interpretation.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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