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Romantic Poetry (was: bang bom)

>I have seen a lot of translations of bits of my <bang bom>, and have just
>wondered one thing. How many of you non-KLBC or KLBC can use the language
>a romantic yet tuneful way ? You can argue over about using a
>object on a transitive verb, but can you compare your <parmaqqay> to a
>day ?

Well, it's not that good. But, I just whipped it off the top of my head
(Klingon poetry is hard):

SuD mojmoH MInDu'wIj
'e' chenmoH mInDu'lIj qIj
	SoHvo' nIjaHchugh,
	SaQbej mInDu'wIj.
nom joq wuSDu'wIj
'e' chenmoH wuSDu'lIj
	SoH nIjatlhbe'chugh,
	jachbaj wuSDu'wIj.

There is no form, but it sure is romantic!  ;-)   I'll come up with a
better one later. I may not be good a Klingon, but I am good a poetry.

--- loD Doq

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