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Re: Hoch

ja' ghunchu'wI':
> I agree, the meaning might require some explanation if the shared context
> is not sufficient.  But that's just a matter of coming to know a concept.
> The *grammar* being used should already be clear.
what would be a good replacement proverb here... I'm sorry.
I was NOT talking about grammar, I WAS talking about meaning.

I can translate {QongDaq vIQong} to "I sleep the bed."
It still doesn't mean anything to me.

same with {nIn naQ}. if "complete fuel" is a terminus technicus
used by rocket scientists and/or petrochemical engineers, you
should expect those people to understand you. But the readers
of USA today will probably not know what you're talking about.

Suja'chuq nuv ghom wa' SoH je. chaHvaD {nIn naQ} DaQIj.
vaj, yaj chaH. Suja'chuq latlh nuv. ghaHvaD {nIn naQ}
DaQIj 'e' DalIj. ghaHvaD {nIn naQ} DaQIjchugh pagh*,
ghaytan yajbe' ghaH.

* jIqID 'e' vIHechbe'. 'a' tlhaQbej mu'tlhegh... :-)
                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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