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RE: klbc: SIv

Rolando Coto:
: i wonder who his enemy is.
: me pregunto quien es su enemigo.
: jaghDaj ghaH 'Iv 'e' vISIv.
: This is a tough one - Okrand himself has not yet figured out <SIv>. The
: first one is probably not correct - it involves a question as the object of
: <SIv>, so it probably doesn't work. 

Why not make this a quote reporting your thought, thereby avoiding the
dreaded QAO:

	jIghel'egh: <jaghDaj ghaH 'Iv'e'?>

	<jaghDaj 'Iv?> jISIv.

Idle speculation ahead...

Okrand explained on st.klingon that the question word {nuq} can be used as
a pronoun in "to be" sentences; his example was {yIH nuq} "What is a
tribble?".  I'm wondering (jISIv!) whether {'Iv} might work the same way,
at least in informal speech.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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