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Re: "untamed" vocabulary from KGT

In a message dated 2/24/99 5:45:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< > I realized that the KGT vocab list was somewhat incomplete, so I went
 > page by page to get all the words.  I would like to say I have a nearly
 > complete vocab list, except for a few animals.
 > T'Lod
 If you'd like this list to become generally useful to all of us, 
 please send the list of words AND THE PAGE NUMBER IN KGT WHERE 
 IT APPEARS to the list or to me and I'll get it into the New 
 Words List so we all can use them and understand each other.
 charghwI' 'utlh >>

What file format is your definition list?  I keep mine in Excel 97 as a
spreadsheet.  Maybe we could trade files.

This is a list containing all words I got from the text of KGT.  Any expanded
definitions are also given.  I currently have 2489 words in my Klingon Index
spreadsheet.  The words are - Klingon-English-Part of Speech-Source
Here goes:
baH	fire, launch (torpedo, rocket, missile)	verb	KGT p57
barot Barot noun KGT 182 (father of T'vis)
baS 'In	metal bell	noun	KGT p74
betleH 'obe'	Order of the Bat'leth	noun	KGT p182
bIm	second tone of a nonatonic musical scale	noun	KGT p72
bIreqtal	Brek'tal ritual	noun	KGT p11
boqrat chej Qevlu'bogh	stewed bokrat liver	noun	KGT p93
chab chu'	latest innovation, new invention	noun	KGT p21	slang
char	slimy, be slimy	verb	KGT p84
cheng	Chang	noun	KGT p52
chorgh	eighth tone of a nonatonic musical scale	noun	KGT p72
chu'	play (a musical instrument)	verb	KGT p74
chu'Ha'	deactivate	verb	KGT p54
chu'wI'	player (of a musical instrument)	noun	KGT p74
DIr	animal hide	noun	KGT p58
DIr 'In	drum	noun	KGT p75
DoHmoH	drive back	verb	KGT p48
Dov'agh	flute, fife	noun	KGT p75
DuQwI'Hommey	little spikes	noun	KGT p61
DuQwI'mey	spikes	noun	KGT p58
Du' naH	produce, farm fruit or vegetable	noun	KGT p89
ghab tun	fillet, meat from the midsection of an animal without bones	noun	KGT
p27	regional
ghanjaq vaQ	an especially nice mace	noun	KGT p67
ghevI'	gagh sauce	noun	KGT p27
ghe'naQ	opera, Klingon Opera	noun	KGT p73
ghe'naQ nIt	grand opera	noun	KGT p73
ghIH	careless, be careless	verb	KGT p30
ghIlaSnoS	Glasnost	noun	TKW p186
ghIrIlqa'	Grilka	noun	KGT p41
ghItlh	write	verb	KGT p79
ghItlhwI'	stylus	noun	KGT p79
ghI'boj Sech	Torch of G'boj	noun	KGT p130
ghuS	prepare to launch (a torpedo)	verb	KGT p57
HajDob	limb, leg (of an animal)	noun	KGT p42	archaic
Hay'chu'	duel to the death	verb	KGT p49
HeDchu'	retreat perfectly, full withdrawal, withdraw fully	verb	KGT p49
HIvje'	glass, tumbler, mug, wineglass, goblet	noun	KGT p78
HIvneS	suicide attack, honor attack	verb	KGT p49
Hol ghoQ	slang	noun	KGT p35
Hom Hutlhbogh ghab	fillet, meat from the midsection of an animal that lacks
bone	noun	KGT p27
Ho' 'etlh	serrated blade	noun	KGT p61
HubneS	suicide defense, honor defend	verb	KGT p49
HuchQeD	economics	noun	KGT p146
HuD beQ yoS	Flat Mountain District	noun	KGT p17
Hur'Iq	outsider, foreigner	noun	KGT p153
HuS Huss (daughter of Atrom) noun KGT p197
jabmeH	In Order to Serve	noun	KGT p86 (book by J'puq)
jaqmoH	embolden	verb	KGT p71
jat	clumsy, be clumsy	verb	KGT p30
jav	sixth tone of a nonatonic musical scale	noun	KGT p72
jey'naS	double-headed ax	noun	KGT p63
joQ	strip of material in a susdek instrument	noun	KGT p76
jot	unpungent, be unpungent, be not pungent	verb	KGT p42	(archaic)
leSpal	type of stringed instruments	noun	KGT p76	(midsized)
loS	fourth tone of a nonatonic musical scale	noun	KGT p72
lu qeng	The Fall of Kang	noun	KGT p107 (poem by G'trok)
luqara'	Lukara	noun	KGT p80
mangpu'	soldiers	noun	KGT p50
meqro'vaq Sep	Mekro'vak region	noun	KGT p29
meSchuS	large wind instrument	noun	KGT p75
mogh	Mogh	noun	KGT p41
mova' 'aqI' ruStaq	Today was a good day to die.	phrase	KGT p13	(archaic)
mu'mey Doy'	tired words (term used to describe the vocabulary of a young
Klingon's elders)	noun	KGT p35
mu'mey qar	standard words	noun	KGT p143
naH jajmey	youth	noun	KGT p110
naHlet yub	nut shell	noun	KGT p89
naHnagh	pit of a fruit	noun	KGT p89
nanwI'	chisel	noun	KGT p79
nay' motlh	standard preparation technique	noun	KGT p94
na'ran	naran	noun	KGT p85
na'ran rur	sweet	verb	KGT p85 (literally, "resembles a na'ran")
nentay cha'DIch	Second Rite of Ascension	noun	KGT p65
nISwI' DaH	disruptor banks	noun	KGT p56
nISwI' HIch	disruptor pistol, hand-held disruptor	noun	KGT p56
nISwI' tIH	disruptor beam	noun	KGT p56
nItlhpachDu'	pigment stick ends	noun	KGT p80
noHva'Dut	No'hvadut	noun	KGT p26
no' Hol	ancestors' language, ancient language	noun	KGT p11
ngal	chewy, be chewy	verb	KGT p84
ngat	cartilage, herbed granulated cartilage	noun	KGT p90
ngIb	ankle	noun	KGT p166 (also a slang term of deprecation)
ngIj	rowdy, be rowdy, unruly, be unruly	verb	KGT p150
ngoH	finger-paint, paint using fingers	verb	KGT p81
peb'ot	peb'ot	noun	KGT p93
pem	daytime	noun	KGT p206
pIlmoH	stimulate, motivate, inspire	verb	KGT p71
pIpyuS pach HaHlu'bogh	marinated pipius claw	noun	KGT p94
pogh	glove, warrior's glove	noun	KGT p58
porgh Hat	body temperature	noun	KGT p95
puq Hol	baby talk, child's language	noun	KGT p34
pu'	boot spike	noun	KGT p58	archaic
pu' tIH	phaser beam	noun	KGT p56
qagh	gagh, serpent worms (as food)	noun	KGT p27
qagh ru'	gagh about to die	noun	KGT p42
qagh tlhIq	gagh stew	noun	KGT p87
qagh vIychorgh	gagh juice	noun	KGT p27	regional
qajunpaQ	courage, audacity	noun	KGT p11
qajunpaQ	kajunpakt, glowing, fiery lava	noun	KGT p11
qa'raj	ka'raj	noun	KGT p94
qa'raj pach	ka'raj claw	noun	KGT p94
qettlhup	marinade, thickened chanDoq	noun	KGT p91
qeyvaq	Kayvak	noun	KGT p91 (name of a famous warrior)
qeyvaq Ha'DIbaH	Kayvak's food	noun	KGT p91 (also known as fermented meat, may
also be applied to other meats to indicated having been fermented.)
qImlaq	K'mlaq	noun	KGT p53
qogh	ear (external part, if there is one)	noun	KGT p88
qompogh	type of food	noun	KGT p92
qon	compose	verb	KGT p71
qonwI'	song writer	noun	KGT p71
qotbaval yupma'	Kot'baval festival	noun	KGT p12
qo'leq	Ko'lek	noun	KGT p41
qul DIr	fire skin	noun	KGT p93 (dish made by soaking pieces of animal skin in
a strong liquor , then setting them afire before serving them)
qutluch tay	Kut'luch Ceremony	noun	KGT p62 
quv tob	prove one's honor	verb	KGT p69
QIghpej	Klingon agonizer	noun	KGT p55
QIn pup	       plain spearhead	noun	KGT p64
QIn vagh	spearhead with multiple points	noun	KGT p64
QI'yaH	epithet	excl	TKD p58
QoQ jan	musical instrument	noun	KGT p74
Qotmagh	Krotmag	noun	KGT p17 (leader of a powerful house, who, centuries ago,
conquered neighboring areas)
Qotmagh Sep	Krotmag region	noun	KGT p17
rItlh	dye, paint, pigment	noun	KGT p80
rItlh naQ	pigment stick	noun	KGT p80
ru'	ready to collapse or die	verb	KGT p42	(archaic)
Sa'Qej Sep	Sakrej region	noun	KGT p17
SeDveq	barbed spearhead	noun	KGT p64
Sep	country, region	noun	KGT p16
SeymoH	excite	verb	KGT p71
SIj	clever, be cever, be insightful, have a keen mind	verb	KGT p164	slang
Soch	seventh tone of nonatonic musical scale	noun	KGT p72
Soj tlhol	raw, unprocessed food	noun	KGT p83
Soj vutlu'pu'bogh	cooked food	noun	KGT p83
Sor Hap 'In	drum (made of wood)	noun	KGT p75
Soy'	messy, be messy, be sloppy	verb	KGT p30	(regional - Ruk'e'vet)
Subpu' vaS	Hall of Heroes	noun	KGT p79 (public place which contains realistic
statues of famous Klingon warriors.)
Supghew	stringed instrument	noun	KGT p76
Suvchu'	fight to the death	verb	KGT p49
Su'lop	type of food	noun	KGT p92
taj vaQ	knife (one that has been meticulously made)	noun	KGT p67
tajHommey	little knives	noun	KGT p61
taq'ev	Tak'ev	noun	KGT p22 (place whose people are considered a minority
population, but greatly outnumber the residents of Krotmag.)
ta' Hol	Emperor's Language	noun	KGT p13
ta' Hol	standard dialect	noun	KGT p13
ta' tlhIngan Hol	Emperor's Klingon	noun	KGT p13
(All three refer to the same thing - the only way Klingon is taught to
teS	ear (actual organ of hearing)	noun	KGT p88
teywI'	file	noun	KGT p79 (literally, scraper)
tIghla'	t'gla	noun	KGT p132
tIH	energy beam, ray	noun	KGT p56
tIngDach	type of stringed instrument	noun	KGT p76
tI'vIS T'vis, son of Barot noun KGT p182
tuH	maneuver, military maneuver of any kind	noun	KGT p48
tungHa'	encourage	verb	KGT p71
tu'lum tea drinking vessel noun KGT p42 (in its strictest sense, this archaic
word applies only to cups made of metal)
tlhach mu'mey	jargon, argot	noun	KGT p45 (literally "faction words")
tlham	order, structure (societal)	noun	KGT p165	slang
tlhatlh vIychorgh	gladst juice	noun	KGT p27	regional
tlha'a	Klaa	noun	KGT p52
tlher	lumpy, be lumpy	verb	KGT p84
tlhevjaQ	spear thrown with the aid of a special device	noun	KGT p64
tlhIngan Hol	Klingon language	noun	KGT p10
tlhIngan ra'ghomquv	Klingon High Command	noun	KGT p38
tlhIngan yejquv	Klingon High Council	noun	KGT p36
tlhI'yopatra'	Cleopatra	noun	KGT p110
tlhombuS	type of food	noun	KGT p84
tlhorgh	pungent, be pungent	verb	KGT p84
tlhorghHa'	bland, be bland, be unpungent, be not pungent	verb	KGT p85
tlhuH	invigorated, be invigorated, be stimulated, be exhilarated	verb	KGT
p165	slang
vagh	fifth tone of a nonatonic musical scale	noun	KGT p72
van bom	anthem, hymn, tribute song, salute song	noun	KGT p77
vaq'aj cha'	Vak'aj II	noun	KGT p18 (planet in the Klingon Empire whose
languages survive alongside ta' Hol)
veDDIrmey	animal pelts	noun	KGT p58
veng	city	noun	KGT p10
veng wa'DIch	First City	noun	KGT p10 (capital of First City District, Kronos,
and the Klingon Empire)
vengHom	village	noun	KGT p165
vIq	combat (the concept of battle)	noun	KGT p47
vIychorgh	sauce	noun	KGT p27	regional
voDleH Ha'DIbaH	Emperor's meat	noun	KGT p91 (meat prepared by marinating it in
sap and blood, along with assorted animal parts, can also be used to refer to
other foods prepared in a similar fashion)
voDleH lIngta'	Emperor's lingta	noun	KGT p91 (lingta prepared by marinating it
in blood, sap, and various other animal parts)
vonlu'	fail utterly	verb	KGT p165	slang
voSpegh	Vospeg	noun	KGT p16 (city in the Vospeg region, southwest of veng
voSpegh Sep	Vospeg region	noun	KGT p16 (region southwest of the First City)
vutwI'	cook, food and/or drink preparer	noun	KGT p83
vuv be' 'e' baj	win the favor of a woman	verb	KGT p69
wamwI' Ha'DIbaH	hunter's meat	noun	KGT p90 (meat prepared by coating it with
ngat, can also be used to refer to other foods prepared in this manner)
wamwI' mIl'oD	hunter's sabre bear	noun	KGT p90 (sabre bear prepared by coating
it with ngat)
wey	company (military unit), ship's complement (all personnel aboard, crew
plus officers)	noun	KGT p50
yanwI'	swordfighter, swordweilder	noun	KGT p61
yaS cha'DIch	Second Officer	noun	KGT p53
yaS wa'DIch	First Officer	noun	KGT p53
yeb	wrist	noun	KGT p166 (also a slang term of deprecation)
yIv	annoy, bother, irk, irritate	verb	KGT p167	slang
yIvbeH	warrior's tunic	noun	KGT p58
yoD'egh	shield oneself	verb	KGT p67
yoS	area, district	noun	KGT p16
yot	invasion, incursion, raid	noun	KGT p48
yu	first tone of a nonatonic musical scale	noun	KGT p72
yu	ninth tone of a nonatonic musical scale	noun	KGT p72
'antonI'	Anthony	noun	KGT p110
'antonI' tlhI'yopatra' je	Anthony and Cleopatra	noun	KGT p110
'aqleH	ak'leth	noun	KGT p64
'atrom	A'trom	noun	KGT p197
'egh	third tone of a nonatonic musical scale	noun	KGT p72
'Igh	cursed, be cursed, be jinxed	verb	KGT p167	(slang) (It can be applied to
anything - persons, missions, ships, and so on, when everything seems to be
going wrong.  Since Klingons consider self control a great virtue, declaring
oneself to be cursed is comparable to an admission of weakness and utterly
uncharacteristic (though not unknown).  To say someone else is cursed, on the
other hand, is to attribute weakness to that person.  Accordingly, bI'Igh is
quite insulting.)
'IghvaH chej chatlh	igvah liver soup	noun	KGT p30	regional
'uSu'	gladst sauce	noun	KGT p27

Does anyone have the original 10-20-98, 12-7-98, and 10-22-97 news postings,
which have the nurse term, territory terms, and measurement unit terms in


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