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An Open Letter (or, peHruS, et al.)

As the father of 3, I feel qualified to step in here: ALL RIGHT, everybody!
Take a big step
back, three deep breaths, and count to ten.  Over the past few weeks, we
have managed to
develop at least 4 (!) threads which are basically arguments with peHruS.
Nobody is covering
themselves with glory over these.  If I was a newbie and had just
subscribed, after a week of
the kinds of posts we've been seeing lately, I'd unsubscribe right away.  No
one likes to
witness this sort of slugfest, except maybe fans of Jerry Springer.

peHrus, I invite you to contemplate the Tao.  Mediate on how water carves
stone not through
brute force, but through gentle persistence.  I've had several ideas over
the years that
were shot down when I first proposed them.  Rather than start a big fight, I
just dropped
the issue, but would bring it up in a non-confrontational way when the
opportunity arose.
In a couple of cases, those ideas have become accepted practice.  The
downside is that by
the time that happens, nobody remembers who proposed it in the first place,
but, hey, we're
all here to advance the cause of Klingon, not for personal aggrandizement,
right? 8+)

Everyone else, I don't consider you blameless either.  I think that the name
"peHrus" has
become for many of you like a red flag to a bull.  I have seen you shoot him
down for the
merest of trifles, typos even, that a charitable reader would simply
overlook.  He may 
have some wrong ideas, but some may contain kernals of wisdom, or we may
find we're not
as far apart as we first think.  But the chance to explore this never comes
up.  I feel
often peHruS is attacked not for what he says, but who he is.

Everyone remember that this is basically just a hobby.  Klingon will
eventually become an
interesting footnote in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.  Enjoy it while
it lasts,
but it simply isn't worth the anger and emotion that have been expressed
here recently.

Now that I've offended everybody, I'll shut up.

-- ter'eS

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