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Re: "untamed" vocabulary from KGT

ja' charghwI':
>> I recently stumbled on {ngIj} "be rowdy, unruly (v)" in KGT...
>Is this in the vocabulary list in KGT? If so, it doesn't belong
>in the New Words List, but then, somehow I missed it for my own
>word list, and it is missing from Holtej's pojwI'. I don't have
>KGT with me right now. So, where is it in KGT? What is so
>obscure about it that at least two of us missed it?

As I said in my earlier message, KGT page 150 says:

| A standard verb that is close in meaning [to {Duj ngaDHa'}] is
| {ngIj} ("rowdy, unruly"), as in {tera'ngan ngIj} ("rowdy Terran").

There's nothing particularly obscure about it.  It just didn't
make it into the back of the book for some reason.  I was going
through the idioms in KGT during a long car trip, making sure I
would recognize them all, and I encountered an unfamiliar word
that my PalmPilot's dictionary didn't have.  That surprised me,
as I make it a priority to keep my dictionary as complete as is

-- ghunchu'wI'

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