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Re: "untamed" vocabulary from KGT

In a message dated 2/24/99 9:31:49 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< I recently stumbled on {ngIj} "be rowdy, unruly (v)" in KGT.  To the 
 best of my knowledge, nobody had mentioned it on the list before.  I 
 wasn't aware that charghwI' missed some of the other similar words in 
 his attempt to capture the entire vocabulary.
 Here are the rest of the words I have noticed defined in the text of
 KGT that do not appear in the alphabetical listing of vocabulary at 
 the back of the book.
 ghItlhwI' = stylus (n) KGT:p79
 HuchQeD = economics (n) KGT:p146
 naHnagh = pit (of a fruit) (n) KGT:p89
 naHjej = thistle (n) KGT:p88 [spelled neHjej in vocab list]
 QIn pup = plain spearhead with a single sharp point (n) KGT:p64
 QIn vagh = spearhead with multiple points (n) KGT:p64
 tlhach mu'mey = jargon (n) KGT:p45
 vIq = battle, combat (abstract) (n) KGT:p47
 For completeness, here's one that has variant spelling on the two 
 sides of the vocabulary list.
 jorneb = warhead (of a missile) (n) KGT:p37 [spelled jornub in the
   Klingon-to-English side of the vocab list]
 -- ghunchu'wI'
I realized that the KGT vocab list was somewhat incomplete, so I went through
page by page to get all the words.  I would like to say I have a nearly
complete vocab list, except for a few animals.


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