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Re: Hoch/HochHom, etc.

In a message dated 2/24/99 1:54:27 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<<  > I just wanted a little clarification on Hoch, HochHom, and 'op.
 > If they precede the noun, is is all (or each)/most/some of the X.  If they
 > follow, it becomes all/most/some X.  Is this correct?
 If I understand you correctly, you got it backwards.
 Hoch qagh yISop. Eat each serpent worm.
 Hoch qaghmey yISop. Eat all serpent worms.
 qagh Hoch yISop. Eat all of the serpent worm.
 Does this help?
 > T'Lod
 charghwI' 'utlh >>

On page 155 of KGT, it says nIn Hoch natlhlu'pu' - All the fuel is consumed,
meaning the entire quantity of fuel in the ship.  nIn Hoch is translated as
"all the fuel," so wouldn't Hoch nIn mean "each fuel" and Hoch nInmey be "all
of the fuels"?  And here qagh Hoch - "all the gagh," Hoch qagh - "each gagh,"
and Hoch qaghmey - "all of the gaghs"?


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