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Re: aspect suffixes

> << And you're quite right, there are no explicit references to Klingon past
>  tense, perfective or otherwise...for the simple reason that there is no
>  Klingon past tense to refer to.
>   >>
ja' peHruS:
> Actually, TKD p41, section 4.2.7 does say explicitly that {-pu'} is
> "perfective."  p167 says "perfective" again.
actually, you misread the sentence you quoted.
read "no Klingon" past perfective or past other.

> It seems that I am missing some discussion on (not verbatim) "a time stamp
> stays in place until another time stamp is introduced."  Also, I had not hear
> d
alright. you repeat all your relevant time stamps at the beginning
of each Klingon sentence. go ahead. linguistically this is fine.
socially, I suspect, it could get you killed (by "real" Klingons...)

> that using the "perfective" in a statement that was already inferred to be
> occurring in the past changed the whole sentence into a "past perfect" or
> "pluperfect."  What issues of HolQeD or what forum revealed these ideas to
> you?
look, if you really want to know, go to your local library, get some
books about tense, some books about aspect, read them, try to under=
stand the two concepts and how they are different from each other.
then go back to TKD and try to interpret Okrands explanation in a
manner that is most practical. then come back with your questions.

I'd be willing to help you with the first part (getting tense and
aspect straight) but not being a trained linguist myself and seeing
how you keep missing the point when it's explained here on the list
(and in the FAQ), I doubt I'd be very successful.

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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