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Re: Placement of aspect suffixes

In a message dated 2/23/1999 10:05:38 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Do you honestly believe that we have formed a 
 conspiracy of error, agreeing on a mistaken method of deciding  >>

Sometimes, yes!  Several of the KLI members live in close proximity in the
Eastern portion of the USA.  You discuss among yourselves, or use among
yourselves, until you have formed an opinion that excludes {Hur'Iqpu'}.
Still, since Qov became so fluent, you have accepted many of her
interpretations (and she does not live close by you).  I often feel that if I
had joined KLI earlier, I would have had more input into determining the
course of Klingon you folks have enjoyed.  This does not mean that I would
have fared better than Captain Krankor, whom you jovially keep around even
though he speaks Klingon from another district.

As for Qov, I have found anomalies in her interpretations on rarer occasions,
but I have found some.  I questioned {HeD nagh} when the water was apparently
eating its way through the rock.  I "felt" that {HeD} means "moving in
retreat."  I did not comprehend that "a portion of the rock was retreating
from the water," meaning that that portion was actually being forced away by

So, I do throw in my ideas.  You as a majority have chosen not to respect
them.  I still let you know my ideas.  My goal remains that we all, including
us {Hur'Iq}, get a firmer, clearer understanding of all Klingon language.


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