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Re: Placement of aspect suffixes

In a message dated 2/23/1999 10:34:30 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< And you're quite right, there are no explicit references to Klingon past
 tense, perfective or otherwise...for the simple reason that there is no
 Klingon past tense to refer to.

Actually, TKD p41, section 4.2.7 does say explicitly that {-pu'} is
"perfective."  p167 says "perfective" again.

It seems that I am missing some discussion on (not verbatim) "a time stamp
stays in place until another time stamp is introduced."  Also, I had not heard
that using the "perfective" in a statement that was already inferred to be
occurring in the past changed the whole sentence into a "past perfect" or
"pluperfect."  What issues of HolQeD or what forum revealed these ideas to


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