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RE: KLBC : revised bang bom mu'

jatlh Nic Rutherford:

> I ran into a problem with describing "falling in love", therefore I have
> decided to try and put something together which is more klingon :

> If you can't understand that (don't blame me i am dyslexic !), it's 
> meant to go like this :

Taking it one line at a time...

> tIqwIj moj batlh 'etlhwI
> My batleth [or sword of honour etc;] becomes my heart

Good. The usual spelling of the weapon is <betleH>, and the suffix should be
<-wIj>. If you want to be poetic and use <batlh 'etlh>, tough, go ahead.

tIqwIj moj betleHwIj.

> tIqwIjtaH 'ethlhwIjDaq
> In my blade my heart goes on

Locatives (-Daq) go at the beginning of the sentence. You also can't put a
verb suffix (-taH) on a noun like this. You need to find a real verb and
make a sentence out of it:

'etlhwIjDaq taH tIqwIj.

> tIqwIj quDuq
> With my heart I stab you

Klingon doesn't have anything close to "with", so you have to rephrase a
little bit. Here are three sentences that you can render easily in Klingon:
"My heart stabs you"; "I cause my heart to stab you"; and "In order to stab
you, I use my heart". The first is the simplest, the last is the most
literal, and the middle one is probably the best for your <bang bom>. Here's
the Klingon:

DuDuQ tIqwIj - "My heart stabs you"
tIqwIjvaD qaDuQmoH - "I cause my heart to stab you"
qaDuQmeH tIqwIj vIlo' - "I use my heart to stab you"

> Though, this sounds very disturbing to most people i'm sure it would 
> make a good {bang bom}.  Any comment and assitance would be greatly 
> appreciated

> Qupla' 


Beginners' Grammarian

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