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Re: KLBC : revised bang bom mu'

>My batleth [or sword of honour etc;] becomes my heart
>In my blade my heart goes on
>With my heart I stab you
Sounds nice! I defintely understand what you are saying :-)

>I couldn't find a klingon verb for love - what does that tell me about
>society, they have verbs for most other emotions : muS, QeH, meQ, par.
{qaparHa'qu'} is the closest I could get
(perhabs try qaparHa'qu'qu'qu' :-))

>has anyone actually worked out what *?!#@, *@$% and #*@!
>mean in section 5.5 of the KD ? or is that
>the sort of question i shouldn't ask :-)
Right! Don't ask! :-)
Those curses are so bad that there is no english translation for it!
The worst english curse I know so far is the F word, and I believe evryone
agrees that it is very weak compared to Qu'vatlh, ghuy'cha', baQa' and so

>seriously, can they just be yelled in a klingon's
>general direction if you can't think of sutble insult
There are two different type: "invective" and "epithet"
the first is Qu'vatlh, baQa' etc: it's like "sh..", "F...", "dammit"
(NB: these are no translations!)
the second one is name calling, i.e. "You idiot", "bastard", "a-hole" and so
on. (petaQ, toDSaH)

Jus like in english not many people don't know the real meaning of "idiot"
for example, there is no way to tell what {petaQ} might mean.

And don't try to analyze the words! Like Qu'+vatlh... A Klingon wouldn't see
any sense either in things like "hole of an anus" :-)

Quvar muHwI'

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