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Re: qama'

In a message dated 2/22/1999 11:55:24 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
[email protected] writes:

<< please recognize that *'arDIch* is 
 not a word. It is a pair of syllables that you alone would like 
 to treat as a word. The rest of us will likely continue to 
 ignore it.
 If Okrand comes along some day and uses it or some other word 
 with its meaning, we'll go for it. Meanwhile, we went a long 
 time without "wall", and somehow, I think that is a more 
 fundamentally necessary meaning than the one you would choose 
 for your *'arDIch*. >>

I will never claim that {'arDIch} already is a word.  This was a deliberate
contrivance.  I will not use it.

May it follow the path of all armpits.


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